Real Estate

We can assist you in the following areas (and more):

  • Sale/Purchase of homes
  • Sale/Purchase of farms and businesses
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Easement acquisition and disputes
  • Boundary line, quiet title actions and water right disputes

Albright Kittell PC has extensive experience with real estate transactions. We have significant experience in farm sales, business sales, home sales, home and business lease agreements, lease-option agreements, easement acquisition and land sales. We also have substantial experience to handle the accompanying personal property issues, such as timber sales, business asset sales and cow and equipment sales. We represent buyers and sellers.

The time to see an attorney, if you are thinking of buying or selling any real property, is before you make or accept an offer to purchase. Once an earnest money agreement is signed, it is a binding contract. There may be items which should be addressed in an earnest money agreement, which can be dealt with by seeing an experienced real estate attorney before you sign any binding contract.

Commercial transactions are usually complex, with a number of potential pitfalls for both the buyer and the seller, which you may not have considered. The earlier you can consult with an attorney, the better, in order to provide you with knowledgeable assistance in your transaction. There may also be tax issues to be addressed.

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